Monday, June 22, 2009

June is Environment Month

June is environment month, the time where we obliged to look back as to how our efforts have positively impacted on our environment. Sad to note that so-called development process continues to push our environment to its limits. Forest cover continues to dwindle despite warning on the worsening global warming, pollution remains one of the problems affecting our beaches and marine habitats, aquifers are facing external threats from subdivisions, etc.

The list is long and in fact we don't know if we can really arrest all these problems before the worst happens or anything is too late. Actually, years back, this was the same line of argument we posited. Same rallying point to work for our environment. Nothing much has really changed.


Ana Cristina Toledo said...

Nice cartoon.. people should reflect seriously about it..

Wish you a nice Sunday!

Dalicia said...

it's about greed, money and irresponsible people. your drawing depicts that!!