Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dark Cloud

See that dark and heavy cloud? I took this photo early this month if memory serves me right. While going out, I saw the black cloud hovering part of Davao.

I can compare this as a symbolism to the challenges that we are facing as a nation in terms of various issues ranging from economic crisis to political issues. For instance, we are having hard time eradicating poverty in our midst. We really need bold programs to wipe out poverty. We need a government that is resolved to solve economic problems in the country alongside with other issues like human rights violations and extra-summary killings taking place across the country.

By the way, we are in a new subdivision. And while it connotes a classy touch, our subdivision which sits in the city's progressive barangay has yet to enjoy development programs like good road network. Now you don't have to go to other places in Mindanao to see how other communities fare. Our condition will give you a glimpse of everything how remote places and communities in the second island of the Philippines are dismally left by so-called development for so long a time now. Amen.


Rosabel said...

I do agree with you..I wish all politicians are more humane to spend more time and energy in overcoming the rising social problems instead of fighting for power/authority. It not just happens in Philippine, but in my country as well.