Friday, May 1, 2009

On Jun Lozada's Fate

In our country, you tell the truth and you will be sorry. This is one of the views that the government is behind the recent harasssment against NBN-ZTE deal scam whistle blower and star witness Roldolfo "Jun" Lozada after he was arrested for a perjury case filed by former chief of staff Michael Defensor. Defensor was dragged into the multi-billion peso scam which Mr. Lozada blamed at the powers-that-be in MalacaƱang. Through this case, Defensor said he is going to clear his name.

If the government is for the truth, then why not protect Mr. Lozada from similar cases in order for the truth to come out? It won't happen. Actually, the government is also after for the throat of Mr. Lozada in order to silence him.