Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oil Cartel

Here we go again. The oil cartel in the country is imposing another round of oil price hikes which stirred all sectors. OPH shakes all basic commodities to go up making life for a family of six even harder. Who cares whether or not this oil price increase is valid or not? There is no valid reason whatsoever to starve to death your own people. Is there?

The quick response of the government to this issue was to audit these oil firms (cartoon dialogue: this is too much, I will have you audited!). Nice try. I give you a failing mark or "itlog (egg actually but means 'zero" score). And then, GMA harped on the plans to tap alternative fuel or energy sources. Just do it asap and try if you can sincerely extend support to our local inventors to the fullest. For instance, the use of water as fuel, is it not worthy for support from the government? What it is so far doing to develop such technology?

I know fully well that these are just promises which are made to know what I mean.

Monday, April 13, 2009

3rd Himig Mindanaw Songwriting Contest

I'd like to post this announcement on the 3rd Himig Mindanaw Songwriting Competition being launched by the Advocacy MindaNow Foundation, Inc. So, if you are women who come from Mindanao (between 15-35 yo) with songwriting prowess, try your luck in this contest (Click the image for other details.)

The prices are as follows: Php20,000 (1st place), Php15,000.00 (2nd place) and Php10,000 (3rd place). Winners will receive a trophy during the awarding ceremony come July 2009 here in Mindanao.

All entries should talk about women's as peace makers. Kindly, spread the information through your blog or through email. Deadline for the submission of entires will be on May 30, 2009.

As you can see, this is the 3rd time that AMFI holds a songwriting contest in relation to peace advocacy efforts in Mindanao. You can also send email to By the way, this is one of the posters I recently designed.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The CHR Inquiry

The Commission on Human Rights, led by Leila de Lima, was in dilemma on how to break open the issue on a series of extra-judicial killings in Davao City which HR groups blamed to a shadowy group styling themselves as Davao Death Squad or DDS. There had been about 375 killings of these sorts as reported prompting the CHR to come to Davao and grill the well-loved mayor of Davao City Rody Duterte. The CHR also grilled the local law enforcement (Davao City Police Office and the PDEA) and the military Task Force Davao for the deaths of suspected drug pushers, petty criminals, etc.

For the lack of credible witnesses, the issue on so-called DDS is indeed a nut hard to crack as far as the CHR is concerned. The CHR is concerned about the human rights in this city saying that while the city has peace, it suffered from lack of quality. But I don’t know if this is the issue as far as the people of Davao City are concerned. When we hear about drug pushers being slaughtered, people do not seem to bother at all to discuss about human rights especially when the victims are hardened criminals or drug pushers. I can understand the people in as much as I understand the HR groups.