Monday, February 16, 2009

Subic Rape Case Convict

Ok, why complain about the detention of Lance Corporal Daniel Smith at the US Embassy when he is just paying the crime he committed against Nicole? Look, he is suffering from boredom there according to the Department of Justice. And he is not moving around because he is in tight shackles. And don't forget that the DOJ is conducting surprise visits to see to it he will not escape. Hmmm... good point from a moron.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gary Granada vs. GMA 7 Kapuso

The blogosphere is throwing support to Gary Granada's cause vs. GMA 7 Kapuso Foundation. Mr. Granada is a multi-awarded composer but this time he says he is a victim of abuse. He was first commissioned to do the melody of the Procter and Gamble's promotional gimmick for public school pupils/students. The project went through a series of revisions which, according to reports, discouraged Mr. Granada from continuing it after submitting the last revised melody of the song or lyrics which the client wrote. To make the story short, the client tapped another composer whose final output when played over GMA 7 Kapuso tends to show the melodic semblance and musical structure of Mr. Granada's works. Over Startalk (GMA 7 showbiz program), GMA 7 Kapuso's apologists denied the allegation. Now, you be the judge. Roll VTR! :-)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

AP on Obama Poster's Designer

This is one of the top stories of Yahoo today - about Associated Press' allegation on their photo rights being infringed by the artist of Obama Poster Shepard Fairey. AP's photo is the one at the left and of course the works of Fairey at the right captioned with Obama's campaign battlecry "Hope." I am an artist and my opinion disagrees with the AP. It has no right to say that Fairey is guilty of infringement on the AP's rights. Its allegation rests on weak grounds.

To my mind, the artist was merely inspired by the photo. But if the artist directly used the AP photo per se or as is or enhanced using program manipulation, I think AP is right or nearer to its claim. But using it as a basic reference for an artwork? I doubt Fairey is guilty. Obviously, Fairey manually drew Obama's pensive-looking image that could be remade or reshoot because the rightful owner of the image was alive and kicking when the works was carried out. Again, this is the loophole in the claim. More, the final artwork did not really look as the original AP photo because of the elements added to it and way it was visually presented. I am saying, Fairey's works is not AP's photo and it is a different or totally new works of art.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Simple Instructions

Last year, the Supreme Court questioned the legality of the creation of about 16 cities in the country on grounds that that they failed to follow the guidelines in the Local Government Code. This reminds me of a joke "Simple follow, cannot instruction." Of course, our local government units are run by experienced lawmakers, brilliant individuals officials, lawyers, etc. Our people will not elect morons to run the very important government offices but why we are having this kind of problem where simple instructions are not followed?