Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pagerank Thing and Aerial Spray Ban

First thing first. I am happy because after so long a time, my pagerank is back. The last time I saw it working categorized my page at pr4 and all of a sudden it went to zero presumably due to Google's policies I unwittingly violated. I waited for it to come out correctly after so many attempts to make it right with the Google.

I value Google's pr the reason that I wanted it to work properly here. Anyways, I got it again and can only thank Google for that even when my pagerank is down back to pr2. It's ok with me. I will wait for it to climb again to where it should be.

Now the main part. These past days or when the new year entered finally, one of the saddest news that Davao City had received was the decision of the Court of Appeals disapproving on the city's ban on the aerial spray in banana plantations for environmental and health reasons on the part of the residents living near the plantations. The proposed alternative was ground spray which is, according to the banana plantations, costly.

The anti-aerial spray group calling Mamamayan Ayaw sa Aerial Spray [citizens who are against aearial spray] or MAAS strongly condemned the decision saying it showed the bias of the court in favor to the banana than on the lives of the populationlliving near or in the middle of the plantations. The ban was backed with a city ordinance whose passage came through a long process of debates in the city council in 2007.

Reports claimed that MAAS will appeal to the supreme court.


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hectopascal said...

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