Monday, January 12, 2009

On Various Scams/Scandals

This cartoon was published last year.
I still have to update myself of the status of different scams and scandals (anomalies) that occurred last year in addition to unresolved scam in the past. Most recent is the issue on alleged bribery involving some personnel in the Department of Justice (DOH) to supposedly free drug suspects known in the media as the Alabang Boys.

Like other scandals, I am afraid that the issue will also be white-washed or derailed in order to apparently exonerate the suspects whose families are rich and influential.

We are in the middle of our battle against proliferating drug trafficking in the country and if this trend will not change, expect that we will lose in the process. Who to blame?


hector_olympus said...


sa dinami dami ng mga lumabas na alegasyon ng korupsiyon, mukhang wala pang napaparusahan.