Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hardened Criminals' Celebration

I am pretty sure that hardened criminals are rejoicing after Gloria Macapagal Arroyo disfavored to revive the death penalty despite heinous crimes which are happening in various parts of the country nowadays.

I am pro-life but sparing the life of a hardened criminal? It's another matter. Criminals do not have pity on their victims and I believe they should get death sentence for every life they snap out. One of the issues raised against the implementation of death sentence was the weak judicial system we have. But I think this is another issue that has to be addressed in order to implement an effective justice system.

While I agree that it will not totally eliminate crimes, death penalty in avowal that this society will not let heartless and merciless individuals or criminals for that matter to exist and rule. Criminals should think twice before committing crimes.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Daghan kaayo Salamat sa mga greetings sa bag-ong katuigan,2009..-

magsigi gyd ta ani ug . unta magsige tag katawa karong tuiga....para malipayon ug mahimsog tang tanan.

cgi,mobalik ra ko diri basa-basa sa mga post nimo.

uli sa ko pero mobalik ra gyd ko diri kay interesado ko mobasa sa imong mga gisulat diri.

mouli sa ko kay ako sa abi-abihon ako mga boarders, gaayo nya di ko bayaran or layasan ko.

cgi ari sa ko.........daghna slamat gyd,.

kumusta nyo dha tanan ug sa familya nimo gyd.......