Friday, January 16, 2009

Crematorium for Criminals

Not actually. Davao City's local government was reported to have a plan to build a crematorium to address the shrinking burial areas. There are sectors who are pushing for this project. While there are crematory services in the city, the project will provide for the affordability of the service.

But the local executive, as reports would have it, has another plan in mind - to use it to burn criminals. That is the point of the cartoon I drew. "Litson ka nito" loosely means "this will roast you." While this line was told in a light manner, DavaoeƱos know pretty well that our swashbuckling mayor really means it. For that, as I shared in my previous post, Davao City is not a place for criminals or drug pushers.


The latest news on kidnapping of three International Committee on the Red Cross (ICRC) is disheartening. The victims were snatched away yesterday afternoon right near the Sulu capitol in Patikul by an armed group believed to belong to the dreaded Abu Sayyaf Group.

ICRC was blamed for not asking security escort. ICRC tried to maintain that image of neutrality in their humanitarian operations but the problem is that this bunch of kidnappers in Sulu is not going to respect that neutrality. They don't have reasons whatsoever in that they are targetting just anybody whom they think they can extract hefty ransom. These people are simply criminals that have to be eliminated from the surface of the Earth at all cost.