Monday, December 29, 2008

Watercolor Study and Happy New Year

Break from usual post. Let me share to you this post - one of my watercolor paintings done this year. I could no longer remember when was the last time I spent long hours just to paint. One of my passions aside from drawing regular editorial cartoons for Sun-Star Davao. And the last time I joined group art exhibits was in 1996.

I attempted to paint again this year but I was only able to do some watercolor studies like one that I posted here. This is my rough watercolor study to fire up my creativity using watercolor - my favorite medium next to oil.

With remaining days before the yearend, I am sure this one will cap as the only watercolor painting I ever did this year. I can't help it - was so busy with other matters. Perhaps, next year I will be able to paint more and maybe depend my earning from it.


I have other blogs on graphic arts (grapika), miscellaneous but talks usually about my family (bluesandwhich) and my ride Waka (1200bug). I hope I will be able to attend to them further next year despite the mounting pressures from eking out for a living. The upcoming 2009 will hopefully be good to all of us and to the world that it will succeed to bailout itself from the global financial crisis. Happy new year, my friend! See you again in 2009! :-)


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Dearest Fernando and Family,

"In facing 2009, wishing YOU & your FAMILY a FRUITful & PEACEful year around. May GOD STRENGTHens YOU in all aspects of LIFE.


vicki n family