Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It’s Obama!

First off. The original editorial cartoon appeared the other day with the SunStar Davao. It was part of a series of cartoons I drew on the issue of Fertilizer Fund Scam with former agriculture undersecretary Joc-Joc Bolante being figured as the alleged architect of the scam whose funds were supposedly aimed to benefit the farmers in the country.

So much for that. Defeated USA Presidential candidate was quoted as blurting: "The American people have spoken, and spoken clearly." Indeed, Barack Obama has won the electoral exercise of the American people. The electoral triumph of Obama as the first black president, is indeed historic. Perhaps, he is destined to be that way to prove to the world that he is carrying the much needed change for the American economy facing a bout of chronic recession.

It is where I have become interested because the financial crisis hitting the American homefront is not a problem of the American people alone. It is in fact reverberating to the rest of the world or regions where there are strong working economic relations. The change that the new American president is trying to implement once he is in office January next year is hoped to have a positive impact on their economy – stabilizing back their various industries and business sectors against eventual collapse which will have an evil effect on the OFWs. In our economy, we hope that such change will trickle down to the import and export sectors, etc.

While it has signified to troubleshoot the economy, the Obama administration is expected also to implement policy changes on its ongoing war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Hopefully, all these promises of the new 44th president of the US of A, will transform into reality.

Rick, your candidate has won the hearts and minds of your fellowmen. Congratulations!