Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Old Cartoon on Same Issue

Under the United Nations' Resolution 1325, the rights of children and women are again cited as one of the concerns especially under the armed-conflict situation. I understand that the government is signatory to this resolution. It said and I quote:

Resolution 1325 is a breakthrough instrument as it finally and officially recognizes the undeniably great impact of war or armed conflict on women (and children)‏. It is in effect an international law which can be quoted, used, invoked and exact accountability for. It stipulates actions that need to be taken by states and the United Nations itself to improve the protection of women in conflict situations.
The state has a right to go after those it perceives its enemies as in the case of the New Peoples Army/Communist Party of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front but it should see to it that the government soldiers' operations should not in any way put in jeopardy the rights of the innocent people to safety of their lives and their livelihood. It should do in all its financial and logistical might to provide the people with necessary support before any military operations or actions can be launched.

While it was published years ago (1996), the editorial cartoon is still very relevant to the current war situation in some parts of Mindanao where, as some reports alleged, there were innocent civilians caught in the crossfires or hit in the misfires.