Tuesday, October 21, 2008

DigitalFilipino.com Club, Davao Bloggers Event

Yesterday - October 21 - was red-letter day for me all because I was able to attend, for the record, one of the bloggers’ gathering (actually even non-bloggers were invited) activities under the auspices of the Digital Filipino.com Club. The activity was held in one of the best places that I don’t like. I will explain later. By the way, thanks to Charles - owner of DabawPinoy for the first photo of this post. This photo of our small entourage is posted as picture 6 in Charles' site. I took the liberty of copying it for this post and I hope he won't mind :-).

Ms. Janette Toral, one of the active bloggers in the country, invited me to the gathering. She presented the plans of the club and the award thing that they are promoting. I missed many details. Perhaps because I was mesmerized by the food of the venue. LOL. I admired the efforts of Ms. Toral. Through the event also I realized Davao is not actually behind as far as blogging is concerned. Davao bloggers are coping up with the development in blogging making strong presence in the blogosphere.

Blogging population in this part of the region is growing or mushrooming in the cyberspace gaining much attention from readers and visitors around the world as can be gleaned from the top 100 blogs under the Ratified.org. This was the meat of the presentation last night. Anyway, even though it was short notice, I was able to tug along my blogger friends Louraine, Melody, I (the only rose among the thorns) and Badz (see topmost photo of this post). We never had the opportunity to intro ourselves. Too many bloggers attended and the organizers ran out of time for the individual blogger. Ms. Toral had to present her program that night. Anyway, we understood that although Louraine awash with "regrets" told me that she already rehearsed her line before the big group. Anyway, I will make the intro here: Louraine is the owner of Treasure Box, Melowdee's Havens (Melody Ann) and Badz with her Hakuna Matata. Visit them, huh? Ok, thanks :-).

The place was one of the casino satellites of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) in The Grand Regal Hotel (Lanang, Davao City). I hate all forms of legal and illegal gamblings, that is the reason why I said I disliked the place. During the program, PAGCOR presented its video about what it is doing to the society as its corporate social responsibility. The efforts are laudable and even more if the support to social needs come from clean monies – those which were not tarnished with anguish of broken homes resulting from gambling addiction of either husbands or wives. I heard many stories about it. The Roman Catholic Church can say a thing or two about their bitter experience when they were heavily criticized for receiving funds from PAGCOR in the past. Is it receiving yet? Silently?

At any rate, thanks to PAGCOR for the best accommodation which was highlighted by a live band playing upbeat songs and free beer at the ending part of the activity. Like all other bloggers, I enjoyed the time. Hmm, I hate the place yet I partook the food and drinks. Ugh! Gutom na man gud. Hehehe. Palusot. Anyways, hopefully more activities like this shall be convened soon. So, kudos to Ms. Toral.


Miah said...

hello kauban diay mo ni louraine.. wehehehe... :)

LoUraiNe said...

taasa sa imong sulat ya oi ehhehe paraho ra man ta gi adtuan heheheh

LoUraiNe said...

hi miah!! hehehe

Me, the islands and the world said...

ellow..nakuratan ko kay naa ko diri sa imohang pictures hehehehe! naa diay ka pud didto. ning-adto ka ba sa Mindanao Bloggers Summit2 sa Gensan? Pirting lingawa gud ay:)