Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rollback Issue, Assorted Editorial Cartoons

These past days, I picked up some of the published editorial cartoons on various issues that I like to share to you through this post. First off, the most recent ones were the editorial cartoons on Shell, Petron and Caltex vis-a-vis oil price rollback issue. Why these three oil giants were adamant to follow small players' laudable action that imposed another cut on the prices of their fuel products? Is that due to pure and simple greed? Also, these giant oil firms are suspected to have monopolized the oil industry in the country the reason why the much-touted oil industry deregulation law is a failure.

Another news on rice production caught my attention. With the harvest season, rice supplies are flooding the market bringing down in effect the price. But this is not merely a supply and demand equation. With majority of the population depending on rice farming, the price issue is a sticky issue that goes beyond political concern because farmers have the rights to live and raise their families decently or with dignity. Can they do that with their current income levels?

I think I had posted also an editorial cartoon on mining companies. Anyway, this is the same issue on mining royalties. In the case of the early post I had - which was on Indigenous Peoples communities which were allegedly denied of their mining shares, this one is on the local government units complaining that they have not also enjoyed their mining shares.

The last cartoon depicts the usual trend when oil price hike occurs. Business sector would casually pass on the consumers the "impact" on their businesses. That is normal business strategy in order to survive. But of course, we always have pity on those who are at the receiving end of the domino effect of this whole exercise - the poorest of the poor sector (as consumers) who could even hardly meet three square meals a day.