Saturday, September 13, 2008


Break. I was walking-though my links and I found from Jeff’s blog a post on tofu claiming that it may increase the risk of dementia - a progressive decline in cognitive function resulting from brain damage or disease at a rate higher than normally caused by aging, the post claimed. Is this the reason why yogist is sharping their cognitive function via meditation? Just asking :-). The culprit is, according to a study, the soya. If this is truth gospel, science is indeed making new discoveries.

I love tofu as alternative to meat. In the past I made sure that we had stock of tofu in our refrigerator. Our yogist friends during the 90s would regularly provide us our favorite vegetarian recipes that we always love to have for our lunch at the office. In various occasions, I would visit their feasts in one of their places in Davao City. I befriended a yogist Madu who taught me “Baba Nam Kebalam…” (I don’t know if I spelled the chant correctly and I forgot the nationality of my friend) while doing the meditation Lotus position.

We or I, for that matter, patronized their food aside from their peanut products, etc. In fact, for a year, I cut consumption on pork and chicken meat convinced that it would do great to my health. I still do believe in it. I believed that my mental alertness and reflexes were working just fine. I even thought I could quickly escape from an attack of a raging wild bull. LOL.

I am a vegetarian but in a sense that I love to eat vegetables side-by-side with pork. Truth is that we get lots of health problems from eating too much meat. That is sad about meat as does the study on tofu's impact on the mental process when it said that high tofu consumption - at least once a day - was linked to worse memory, particularly among the over-68s.” Well, visit his blog for other details.

The photo is lifted from same blog.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

sus ka uy.....

kusog bya ko kaayo mokaon ani, bisan unsaon ug pagloto, kay lagi maka taas sa

ug maayo ni namo nga naa pay mga matres kay di sapoton kung sigi mi kaon ani....producto ssa soja....hahahha

ambot bitaw uy, karon pa ko kabasa ani. pero diri sa akong gipuy-an ron advisable kaayo kaon mi ani kay sa sigi ug take tambal para sa mga menuposal nga mga baye nga magkapadulong sa wala nay

bitaw, thanks for sharing this ha....makamoot kung tuhoan tanan,

matoyok atong isipan.....

thanks for the long commentar sa bisdak, bali pod laloma imo mga pinulongan uy......

happy weekend na lang nyo dha.