Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mr. Kabore Emails Me

An email I received from Mr. Kabore (this is his photo. He is a man with a croc head, LOL) offering me and maybe you too the opportunity to get large some of money from the transaction he mentioned in his email. He is a banker from nowhere. Read on:

Dear Friend, I am Mr. ERIC KABORE A manager auditing in accounting department of my Bank. I am contacting you in order to ask for your assistance on this confidential business with full financial benefit for both of us.In my department I discovered an abandoned sum of US$12.5M, (Twelve Million, and Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars) reply me Via- This email address for more information. Yours faithfully. Mr Eric Kabore.
Thanks but no thanks, Mr. Kabore. I am not interested in your scam.


jig said...

bantay gayud sa ilaha. kay suma ang damgo makab-ot pinaagi sa pag paningkamot og dili sa taphaw og dali nga kasulbaran. ehehehe

badz said...

hi.. same me.. pero iba to akoa ky s london .my pamamna dw from far ancestore.ssuuusss perteng reply jud nako ..toink he asked for my credita account wala mn ko ana!! mau nlng jud..too n unta ko..hihiii.. murag legal jud iya flow mn gud