Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hydro Plant

The environmental group in Davao City is against the Aboitiz Power Corporation’s Php6-billion-worth 30MW hydro power plant which is scheduled to be completed by 2010. In their statement, the group said:

“The tapping of Tamugan rivers for hydro power also violates the Davao City Watershed Code which has declared Tamugan as Conservation Area where any form of commercial activity is banned.”

“Therefore, we urge you to consider our need and that of the coming generations for drinking water as more important that using the Tamugan River as energy source.”

If we view it through our need to tap environment-friendly energy sources. the project is a laudable effort although it definitely for a business interest. But the group claimed it runs in contrast to the essence of protecting the environment or the watershed in Tamugan. Personally, I am not ready to say whether this is really an issue or that the project will harm the environment. Definitely I respect the stance of the environmental group on this matter and I guess the concern should be deliberated exhaustively. For instance, the corporation should have consulted everyone on this matter including the environmental group in the city. Any plan or project cannot be done without involving the people in the process in order to level off on intention and objectives.

My editorial cartoon simply reechoed the position of the group to draw attention from the proponent that the observation of other sector on any project should be considered as a valid issue. That is the essence of democracy.