Monday, September 22, 2008

Cartoon Strips

I did a lot of cartoon strips before but I have not drawn cartoon strips consistently lately due to payment issue. Cartoon strips serve as extension to my editorial cartoons especially when there are issues needing follow-up or when I want to inject more humor on an issue. I used to draw two-panel daily cartoon strip. This one was one of the cartoon strips I did for a book on corn production years ago. The dialogues are as follows:

Fat man: That's so true, credit facilities are a great help to small farmers.

Farmer: Help me, please!
Fat Man: My polo shirt, don't tear it!

The strip tried to emphasize the desperation of the small farmers to get full farm production support from the government.

Another cartoon strip I did for a community-based health magazine years ago. The dialogues reflect the health situation of the remote villages of Tribal Filipinos.

First Man: The health condition of our indigenous peoples in the hinterlands is very pathetic. They are badly wanting services and assistance. (Second panel) Medicines are not enough.. no medical doctor... no hospital to run to... so that when they are sick they would die instead!
Second Man: What if this is what we will do...
First Man: What's it?

Second Man: We'll move the hinterlands to the city!
First Man: Ayeee!


Vk-mahalkaayo said...


nindota imo mga cartooning......

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