Monday, August 4, 2008

For my friend Noreen and Bob her Honey

I wish them a never-ending story of happiness when great couple Bob and Noreen as finally tie the knots this month. I am nly personnaly known to lawyer Noreen who is a friend of my CGEP (College Editors Guild of the Philippines) friends. She came late as member of the guild or I was ahead of her. I did not know her until we met at the cityroom of Peryodiko Dabaw (Sun-Star Davao now) in the late 90s (I guess) where Noreen worked as never mind. Hehehe, I forgot. Did you work there while attending law school at the Ateneo de Davao University, Noreen? Let's wait for her answer. Meanhwile, she studied law at ADDU which among us non-ADDU would teasingly pronounce as “arrneewww…” Sounds classy. It is a class university.

After the successful bar, Noreen worked as legal affiliate at the Basa Law Office here in Davao where my exgirlfriend Gemma works as secretary. When I knew it I said, “small world.” My friendship with Noreen who hails from Davao Oriental (she is a true-blue smart Dabawenya and so better not mess up with her. I’m joking) was never that deep although we have association through our common friends. That’s why I could not say less or more about Noreen after I helped her design the quarterly publication of the lawyers’ Sigma Tau Mu fraternity/sorority for an honorarium. I moonlight as graphic artist since birth. It's up to you if you don't believe. I was already holding a pen mouse when I was delivered to this world. LOL. After that project she betrayed me – I did not have projects anymore. LOL.

However, my exgf has a long list of nice descriptions about Noreen. To cite a few, a smart lawyer who reports to the office before the rooster could crow. She is a legal counsel who does her homework to win the case and fight it out, like David did to Goliath, in the courtroom dominated by old hands of the industry. Oh, industry? :-) Above all those qualities, she is a very thoughtful person who does not think only of herself but also looks after her officemates. She never fails to share something to others. I forgot what year she migrated to the USA. Was it in 2005, Noreen? When she migrated and reviewed law in the Land of Milk and Honey and practices there too, it was the moment of great decision too when she meets her honey Bob. Great love story though I missed to read the pages. Hehe. To Bob, I am speaking to you as a man, you have won the heart of a strong-willed sweet woman, gelukwens!