Thursday, August 14, 2008

Civet Coffee in Capsules

In my previous post, I mentioned about pricy Civet Coffee whose berries come from the wastes of an animal. The update is that through the well-meaning support of some funding agencies , the community project is moving on. James is one of the primemovers of this project that is already producing powder coffee and another product they produce are civet coffee in capsules. You read it right, in capsules. The Indigenous Peoples (IP) used to chew the berries but with these capsules - no need to chew anymore. One take will replenish drained energy and they are chemical-free. I don't know how true. I have not tried it myself although in the case of instant coffee, one cup is enough to perk up my morning. I am a coffee addict.

They get orders as far as California. A pad is composed of 10 capsules. and it is Php5.00 a piece or Php50 (USD1.1) per pad. Above all these things, if you patronize the coffee you also be helping greatly the IP community (in North Cotabato) who stands as beneficiaries of the project. I hope that civets will multiply themselves in the province of North Cotabato - far from the bullets of the raging war in the neighboring towns. If you want to know more about the project or the products, email jameszamora(at)yahoo(dot)com.


michy said...

nah... am old fashioned... i'd still go for a cup of coffee... hehehe