Friday, August 15, 2008

The Blog Reviewer

I was lucky when Shen stumbled and reviewed by blog. This was like winning a lotto. Hehehe. The review was posted in this site The Blog Reviewer last August 2, 2008. With a captivating title “The Cartoonist is Now Online,” the review was encouraging from a guy who is not an ordinary blogger. He is International Council Member, Secretary General of BROOD Philippines, 6th National Youth Parliament Region 3 Convenor and Chairperson for ICT and PeaceTech Embassy Luzon Treasurer. Wow. Look at those credentials. I posted his review here, read on:
REVIEW #133. I remember that I was looking for someone to be a speaker for a soon Editorial Cartooning that our organization will cater... and then here comes this website owned by someone who seems to be an expert in the field. Zamora's Editorial Cartoons are really great and depicts the realities of life. His editorial cartoons are vivid and evokes feedbacks, emotions and reactions... that is indeed what a commendable Editorial Cartoonist is.

He seems to also have worked for various NGOs doing their artwork and such. He is indeed a versatile man doing many things but loving what he really wanted which is to draw. Well if he will do consider being a member of BROOD then perhaps he could also be part of our Online Magazine to be relaunched this September. (Site Ratings: Layout – 8, Content – 9, Coherence – 9, Reach – 4, Readability – 9 and Overall Rating - 7.8)

Great artworks... as in superb 101%. The only thing to work on the place is to really clean it, put an altar and regularly pray together with the family. After all the house and lot did cause a fortune so that's what we do as well.
I am grateful for this review because it boosts my site. It is like getting a shot in the arm while I know that there is so much to be done to improve my site and his positive comments are very encouraging. I should say that that this improve my position in all search engines as a result. Shen, thanks for the time you gave by going through my posts. I can see that he is also prolific blogger and has authored a number of blogs. But this one that posted the review is an interesting site to visit too. Never fail to pay him a visit for I know that will learn many things from the guy or from his blog.

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reanaclaire said...

hi fernando.. now i m in another state... saw i m given 2 opps...but no time to do 2..did one only.. forfeit SS...did u get anything..?>have a nice day.. back tomorrow nite..

LoUraiNe said...

congratz kuya dudddddzz heheheh.. wel deserved acknowledgement. :P