Monday, August 11, 2008

ARMM Election and Fleeing Evacuees

As skirmishes between the government forces and elements of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in the province of North Cotabato and the election in the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao was also going on.

I drew this editorial cartoon fusing the two different scenarios but were related to each other in line with the peace and order situation of Mindanao. Residents in the villages of the province like Pigcawayan, Midsayap, Libungan, Banisilan, Aleosan, and Pikit suffered from harassment s due to the presence of MILF elements or “lost commands” in the words of MILF Atty. Eid Kabalu. Massive displacements in the provinces of North Cotabato and Maguindanao have reportedly occurred due to the armed clashes that ensued following the demand of the government for the armed groups to vacate said villages. Updates talked about some 100,000 residents who fled their homesteads to safer places. For the casualties, so far one soldier was killed and 32 others wounded in the on-going fighting. Meanwhile, the first automated ARMM election, minus minor hitches, was generally peaceful and successful.

On Beijing Olympics

I was able to install the olympics medal tally on the left sidebar of this blog. Where is the Philippines in the initial tally of medals? Maybe at the bottom of the widget board. I hope that our contingent will be able to come home triumphant. Somewhere I read that that athletes who would be able to bring home a gold medal - an honor to the country - will get fat rewards. Instead, why not focus on providing foundation for sports development in the country so that will not pin our hope to few individuals during this event?


lei said...

haaaayyy... :(

ayan na lang po ang masasabi ko sa nangyayari dito sa bansa natin.

re: olympics..

i still wish they can bag some gold or even silver and bronze.. if not, i'll still congratulate our athletes for their best efforts. cheers to them! :)

JazLive said...

When people who needs help are taken advantage of, it sours my trust in leadership. Sort of like Sunday mornings after watching an inspirational minister deliver a powerful sermon; then the next program is about starving children. I ask myself, why doesn't the camera man/woman who's filming the give the child something to eat.

Fernando C. Zamora said...

@ lei. for our country, let's pray LOL. seriously, we will hope for the best for this country.... on our athletes...they should be congratulated for representing our country even when it lacked full and comprehensive support to their respective trainings. thanks for the comment and visit here.

@jazlive...hi..thanks for the visit and coming. our world is full of ironies really.