Friday, July 11, 2008


As a freelance graphic artist, there were occasions that I drew for various publications of Mindanao-based non-government organizations. Part of their information, education and campaign materials or publications discussed about the perceived ill-impact of 1995 World Trade Organization (WTO) that succeeded the general agreement of tariffs and trade (GATT) on underdeveloped countries or those so-called “third world countries.”

I visited the office of Alternate Forum for Resource in Mindanao (AFRIM) yesterday to submit a set of drawings they needed for their upcoming quarterly publication. I took a snapshot of a publication that carried my drawing displayed on the publication rack. AFRIM is an NGO engaged in various socioeconomic researches in Mindanao. The cartoon I drew was my interpretation of the negative impact of the free trade on the Philippines especially the farmers who cannot surely compete under a liberalized atmosphere that WTO’s agricultural agreement wanted to push improving market access and reduction of agricultural subsidies. The local farmers are ill-equipped in various endeavors of their crop production and they don’t have the necessary preparation to survive under this free trade as defined by the moneyed countries.


My adobe photoshop got corrupted and I could not possibly reinstall it because my CDrom was also out of service too. I wanted to crop the image but I could not do it because it was tilting to the left. To run around, I opened the CorelDraw and imported the image where I skewed it and invoked the capability of “printscreen” key and pasted it to the Paintbrush to crop it.