Sunday, July 13, 2008

War Bird Picking "Peace" Up

My Uncle James shared to me a news on supposed tension in North Cotabato following its local leadership calling on its residents and communities to brace up against the alleged MILF attacks. But Vice-Gov Emmanuel Pinol claimed that the call, backed up by a local legislative resolution, “was not a Declaration of War.” The reaction was fueled by the bombing incidents on the 2 towers of the National Power Corporation two weeks ago, the newsreports claimed.

Thru the local radio station, MILF Spokesperson Eid Kabalu explained their presence in Cotabato is a "show of force." It was also reported the MILF leadership unified with MNLF SEMA wing in a conference in Sultan Kudarat held earlier this month. Kabalu denied this. More or less, this is saber-rattling that might endanger again the war-weary region. By the way, the editorial cartoon I posted was drawn years ago. It tackled the peace crisis in Mindanao.

Side Trip 1

I received an inspiring message when a neophyte editorial cartoonist Pol informed me by posting a message in my friendster page that he won in an editorial cartooning contest he joined. No details were given when and where it was done. But he was thanking me for the tips and samples
on how to draw cartoons as posted here. Congratulations, my bro! I think you are just talented the reason you won the contest.

Side Trip 2

Splice n Dice commented on the undying OPI issue:

Congress can opt to abolish the EVAT on oil products. Or, at least, it can adjust the EVAT, from the standard rate of 12% to, say, a fixed price of Php5 per liter. Giving it a fixed rate would address the continuing soaring of oil prices without depriving the government of revenues. The gov't won't actually lose from a fixed tax, given the fact that the EVAT was created some years back when the price of oil was not like today.
I think the rule of thumb is to be more lenient or relaxed on tax system that may have direct domino impact on the basic commodities or necessities of the people. The government should stop jockeying over the oil companies' back - extracting taxes (a conceptual visual for an editorial cartoon) there - while the poor people are being pinned down by the latter. It should not add insult to injury. If the government cannot live without tax on oil products, a more sensible proposal would be much reduced tax percentage.


Herson Juego said...

One thing I've noticed in some areas that I went to these past few months is that more and more gas stations are sprouting, which I find quite odd, or ironic, given that the price of oil is shooting up to kingdom come these days. That, apart from the prospect of a world dwindling of oil resources.

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