Saturday, July 5, 2008

You Want to Draw Editorial Cartoons?

If you want to draw editorial cartoons, these are some of my pointers. But wait yet. If you want to make money, don't draw editorial cartoons. Look for a more stable job. In the country, editorial cartoonists are not well-compensated. They are or we are underpaid, to be realistic about it. To boost our morale, we say this is a crusade to carry until the drop of our black ink.

Anyways, Wikipedia defines editorial cartoon as a political cartoon, an illustration or comic strip containing a political or social message, that usually relates to current events or personalities. I think that's enough for a definition.

1. Since editorial cartooning requires or needs effective visuals, you must be a good artist or strive to be a good artist. This is no fast rule. If you are not born artist, don’t be discouraged, you can develop skills in cartooning if you have the best motivation -  determination. It can be learned 100 percent. Look for basic cartooning manuals or read book about popular cartoonist (I was able to read Bill Mauldin's story) that you can have from various sites in the internet. Your determination will definitely push you to become an artist or cartoonist.

2. Study the works of the masters, so to speak. Study their visuals, elements and approaches in dealing or tackling issues. Not all cartoonists are the same. They always vary in style or approach. You can adopt and throw some styles and develop your own. You can develop characters by copying from a mirror infront of you while drawing. That would be masterpiece. LOL.

3. Be familiar yourself with the various issues and concerns in the local, national or even international level. Depending on issues, all updates and news stories are sources for your daily editorial cartoons.

4. Analyze the issue to take up and then decide what stance to take for you editorial cartoon. Remember that editorial cartoon is a critique to various issues. While some papers maintain a policy of uniformity in dealing with issues, this is not a rule. You can jibe with the editorial write in terms of issue but with another point or else you will reduce your cartoon into mere illustration of the article. Avoid this.

5. With the stance to take or point to tackle, decide on effective visual elements to draw. Define your purpose if you want to put forward an acidic criticism through effective humor or satire, then use effective visuals. You can draw a caricature of you subject but know whether you can run fast if he gets mad at you. LOL. Use pencil in drawing the elements. After the pencil drawing, carefully study or review your elements and the editorial cartoon in general. Review the point you want to drive home.

6. Finalize by inking the pencil drawing. When done, reevaluate your work. Double check the spelling and review the stance. Be in the shoes of the readers or the subject of you cartoon if it talks about politician, etc.

7. No publisher yet? Try sending sample works to target newspapers. Be aggressive in selling your cartoons and evaluate to improve especially when are turned down. Try and try until you die.. er... succeed. :-) Goodluck.


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Hey man i ask u if u can draw something for me let me know, we will make a deal it wont be for free

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