Sunday, July 6, 2008

All Rice, Please!

From the blog of my friend Janoz Laquihon, I grabbed this post on food issue. The post was his response to the alarming food security in the country. I posted it here to emphasize that there is a need to really look for alternatives or address this matter. An expert also in agriculture issue, Mr. Laquihon said in his blog:

Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, CBCP head, lately called to have alternative food for energy such as sweet potato (camote), corn, or cassava. Further, Ma. Teresa Ungson, Regional Coordinator of National Nutrition Council XI, also stressed that Filipinos should practice dietary diversification. I agree with them.

Is there really rice shortage? I don't believe so! Not in Mindanao! We still have fertile soil. We can plant root crops that has higher energy than rice. And mind you, if you happen to visit Davao City, have dinner at barbeque restaurants there is a signage saying "UNLIMITED RICE". Sounds unbelievable but true. Not only that, Davao City is the only City in Philippines that serves IRON-FORTIFIED RICE too in food establishments.

The real question is? Are we managing our soils enough to maintain productivity? or we just want to produce more and sacrificing the fertility of our soil? If we continually use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, doesn't practice crop rotation, and doesn't practice soil conservation, I believe in a decade, Philippines would not only have rice shortage but food shortage as well. Who is to blame? Our Government? GMA? or the Farmers it self? No one is to be blamed at rather we (each and everyone) should do our best and exert every effort to have a sustainable food supply. We often finger point our leaders yet we don't realize we also have a role in food stability. I suppose the senators would do there role too and not only tinker of 2010 elections. Read on
Credit: The first photo is a grab from my friend's blog.


Rolly said...

Tinood gyod ni dong, pagkamahal na gyod sa bugas diha. Dri diay, mahal napod, hapit na katunga ang uswag sa bugas. Gasolina pod nimahal na, naa na sa £1.20 o P100.

Sge na dong kay na busy pakog tan-aw sa Wimbledon, naundang man kay nag-ulan. Murag mapilde si Federer ron. Duol ra baya unta ning Wimbledon sa akong gipuy-an pero mahal man god ang ticket.

Fernando C. Zamora said...

@ rolly... mao gyod dodoy rolly. kining among nasinatian dinhi sa atong nasod, nasinatian usab sa tibuok kalibutan apan nagtoo usab ako nga adunay dakung kalainan kung ang atong mga lakang dinhi sa pinas sakto lamang. Akong pahasubo sa napukan nga si Federer sa ilang panagtigi ni Nadal. Thanks sa pagbisita ug komentaryo, dodoy (i agree, rolly. what we are experiencing now here in our country is also a global reality and i also believe that we could have made the big difference if all steps undertaken are appropriate).

Dual said...

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