Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blogging to Earn

This is one of the recent drawings I did for a cover of an NGO publication. Perhaps, the publication will discuss the supposed graft and corruption permeating the Philippine bureaucracy - from top to bottom. I am not really sure of that as I only drew the main theme of the visual they needed for a fee.

Side Trip: Everyone or every blogger on Earth is agog about monetizing their blogs. I am one of them. I admit that. LOL. I explained my stance in my previous post. Ok, my stance was to make money out of blogging. If not instantly, I can wait. But I hope not forever though. Anyway, this is a quick note for you as a blogger who is looking for an opportunity to monetize your efforts through this blogging thing. I am a neophyte to blogging and I don't have much knowledge yet on how to earn from this hobby. Online, you can read bloggers claiming they made much monies from blogging. That is of course a source for envy. :-) Maybe I can share with you more about it later. 

Momentarily, I know that one way to earn is by registering with google adsense although there are a lot of possibilities with other sites but I know that google adsense is reputable. Anyways, you can check the site of Blog Earner. The site has lots of advices to share on how to monetize blogs.


DoN CeSaR said...

Nice drawing my friend :) congratulations

Dienn said...

you really are a great cartoonist. Your imagination is so wide... limitless... that you can actually explain what's in your mind through editorial cartoons.

Sorry if I can't comment on the content (meaning) of this post ha... *wink*

However, you're superb! Two thumbs up for you.

Dienn said...

Ngapala, can I add you po in my link list? I add it kasi in my hobby... to visit your blog daily.

Thanks po, sir.

reanaclaire said...

hey, i salute u...surprised me with yr drawing...can post more next time? perhaps do one for me next time... with charge..haha

Blogger said...

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