Monday, July 28, 2008

Mouth-watering Fares

I draw editorial cartoons that mirror the sentiments of the common tao – ordinary people like you and me. If I appear to be seemingly partial from the way I presented my cartoons, I can’t help it because very often my cartoons represent one side of the multifaceted economic and political issues in the country. I always empathize with the underdogs – the poorest of the poor who composed the majority of our population - believing without being so political that noone, for intance, in this country should starve. Hmm, what I am trying to say? LOL. I’m lost. In line with the SONA of PGMA yesterday, I would like to quote Dienn’s comment which should stop us to think over:

I watched PGMA's 2008 SONA through TFC. Her speech focused on how determine she is in uplifting our economy despite of getting the lowest approval rating from the public and being deemed as the most unpopular president (since 1986). She even compared herself to a housewife/mother who carries all the burden just to make her family survive. Haaay... It's really sad to think that we have no other recourse but to accept the fact that our country has been buried deep in poverty... with this kind government, I don't know if RP still has hope. (again, tabi-tabi po... *wink*).

Well, said. I know very well that many of our people do have the same reflection. Meantime, if you want to go hungry through different way, visit Dienn’s Kitchen that posts mouth-watering fares showing her culinary prowess. Let's go! :-).

The photo I posted here is a grab from her site.


ROneiluke said...

hays...i still hope there's a way out of this chaos...ano yung pic sa taas...ang labo ng resolution ng pc na narentahan ko,,hehe