Saturday, July 12, 2008

Monetize Blog

In today’s advent of the world-wide-web, blogging is a new way of expressing personal opinions on various issues affecting us or the global community and as a way of showing what we are doing to inspire others. That is what I am doing with this blog. However, one reality about blogging is that it needs financial backing to fully support regular blogging or posting activities. Only moneyed bloggers can forego monetization of their sites. Not in my case who cannot stretch out further my shoe-string budget which is already reserved for the needs of my family. This had prompted me to look for ways to monetize my blogging in order to sustain this online crusade. As I see it from various blogs and sites, there are lots of opportunities and one is by registering with the PayPerPost. My faith is that PPP will be true to all its claims and I see over the net blogs carrying PPP badges, ads, sponsorhips, etc. giving me an idea that the organization is one trusted in the industry of online marketing. I still have to hear or read from other bloggers to cast aspersion on PPP or whether they are not paid as publishers. I really thought that PPP is one answer to my goals with this blog the reason that I signed up with PPP. More, I like the idea that one is get paid per post. That is what PPP all about. So try to where you can get paid for your blog or get paid to blog.