Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Latest Survey Results

75% of the Filipinos believed they are living a more difficult life now; 64% believed lives would not improve in the next 12 months; and 86% Filipinos said the national economy worsened in the last three years

-Pulse Asia Survey, 1,200 Respondents, July 1-14, 2008

The cartoon I posted is one of my computer free-hand drawings done recently using CorelDraw. I used the ordinary mouse instead of the pen mouse where the task could be done with fluidity and ease.


shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

I agree with the survey and your cartoon depicts what's truly happening in our country... so sad.

Dienn said...

Gifted ka talaga! :-)

I see in this woman's face how hard it is to budget the low salary of his husband, especially during this time that the cost of living is continously increasing... haaay.

chinky said...

It reminds me of how people strive just to have food to eat, but some people just having their left overs. Lets pray for them.