Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jammed Traffic

Took a shot of this reminder from the guy named Thomas Edison. Actually this was posted in the door of my former organization when I went there the other week. The message runs in contrast to what I am about to say soon. I started blogging March last year but I never paid much attention to the hit counter thing. If I did, I might have actually posted 10 thousand traffic by now. Just maybe as this is just pure speculation because when I put a counter a year after I hit considerable visits through the support of friend bloggers and surfers who visited my site. When I put the pagerank icon, I immediately had 2/10 and then it improved to 3/10 early this month. Recently, I tinkered on the pagerank icon trying to improve its image by choosing another counter. I noticed my pagerank was stuck to 3/10 but when I double-checked it with the checker, it did not give the "real score." I was shocked to see the page turnout as 0/10. Whew! What went wrong I don't know, my friend. Where was my rank? Desperate as I was, I tried to recover by updating the code. Alas, the pagerank was/is still 0/10. Too bad. Tooooo bad. Well, anyway I will just enjoy my time blogging and seeing friends in the blogosphere. Forget the ranking :-( in the meantime. I'm sorry Mr. Edison but you cannot convince me now. I leave this to Google guys.

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reanaclaire said...

hey..this was what I am going to discuss with u when i see u online in msn.. it seems once we start to advertise for PPP, our ranking goes back to zero...idont know why.. but it seems that way, according to one well known blogger who is making thousands of usd.. i m so sad now...

Blogger said...

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