Thursday, July 3, 2008

Homeless, Hopeless

Am I my brothers' keeper? A biblical passage rang out in my head when I saw these two street children sleeping on the sidewalk along Legaspi Street this afternoon. A feeling of guilt crept in me. And perhaps in order to ease up such feeling of guilt when I have nothing to do with this, I tend to be tolerant when it comes to handing them small amount I can readily give whenever I meet their kind. For now, that is the only way I can immediately help. I know that the local government is doing something for the kids who ahve been abondoned by their parents but seeing them roaming around the main thoroughfares or sniffing rugby in their hideouts simply indicates that much efforts have yet to be done to squarely deal with this problem. Reports on street children engaging in petty crimes are so common and this should be addressed comprehensively and sustainably.


Anonymous said...

good that we see and feel that these boys need help. but better, if we do something about it. like organize friends, i.e. artists to teach them become more productive. it doesn't have to be all them, but we can start with these two... and eventually three, four and five of them. who knows at the end of the year we have helped 5 or 10 of them. this is a good start.

Fernando C. Zamora said...

@ anonymous: you're right there. i agree but sometimes it's frustrating when you want to do much but you can do little. anyway it is better than doing nothing. for now, all we can do is support those instutitions or programs that look after these street children. thanks for the good comment and for the visit...regards.

Rolly said...

Mao na gyod ni ang kamatuoran sa pinas. What a shame but that's the truth. Ang kawad-on gyod sa Pinas.

Na add na taka pero wa ko nimo gi add diri da. Sge unyag bisita sa bisdak dong.

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