Saturday, July 12, 2008

Helpless Government

In this cartoon, the oil price hike is agressively pounding on the poor consumers while the government, portrayed as referee calling for a stop to the onslaught, is helpless. This scenario is happening again todate as new rounds of OPI caused prices of basic commodities and transport fare to hike. Actually I drew this cartoon eight years ago. History... er... government helplessness to protect us from the abuses of oil companies repeats itself. By the way, the "bingka" that flew off the mouth of the consumers was his fave rice cake and not a boxer's mouthpiece.


Herson Juego said...

Congress can opt to abolish the EVAT on oil products. Or, at least, it can adjust the EVAT, from the standard rate of 12% to, say, a fixed price of Php5 per liter. Giving it a fixed rate would address the continuing soaring of oil prices without depriving the government of revenues. The gov't won't actually lose from a fixed tax, given the fact that the EVAT was created some years back when the price of oil was not like today.