Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Begging for Support

Mrs. Arroyo's 8th State of the Nation Address (SONA) last July 28 which her allies and supporters applauded 100 times, did not help boost her popularity. Instead, it opened up more discussions as it showed, according to some quarters, the problem of this country - a leadership that is callous to the true condition of the poor. Hmmm. I tend or want to agree.

It could have been of help if instead of talking about the achievements of her administration she presented indicators on life expectancy, percentage of children going to school, health situation, environmental integrity, high income level, business activities, etc. which may have directly referred to the improved quality of life of the Filipino people. There were no facts about these indicators. The achievements of some of those she invited to stand before her supporters and allies during the SONA could not represent the entire situation of the farmers in this country. Live with the farmers for a day and you or she will know.

Meanwhile, the clamor for PGMA to resign reverberated from the four corners of the country. Talk to anybody - from drivers to sidewalk vendors or businessmen. But there was never a solid front to push the ouster move. I don't know why. So the opposition begged for support from the people. But the support never came. That's the point of my editorial cartoon. So maybe the message is for the opposition or those against her to wait until 2010.