Thursday, June 19, 2008


Filipino ingenuity defies limits. This photo was taken in Agusan del Sur. I stumbled on it while checking our office photo files. I want to share it with you :-). It is common to see single motorcycles rigged with platforms on which passengers precariously ride in remote areas in Mindanao.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, Thanks for stumbling upon my blog. This picture made husband and I laugh out hard. Wondering if I can steal it from you and write an article in my blog about it.

This is just amazing how Filipinos have great creativity.

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Jaywalker said...

Wow, para namang bangka na may katig, hehehe. Well, hopefully those on the side do not fell off and mess up the balance, lol.

Anonymous said...

Only 2 words : PAR EXCELLENCE.
the photo says it all.

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Lisa said...

Amazing photo. It only shows how creative Filipinos are. Nothing beats the Pinoy really... Thanks for dropping by at my blog.

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