Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Peace Roadmap

The latest incident of abduction of ABS-CBN’s Ces Drilon and her two companions further indicates that the tension in this part of the region is not yet over. If not handled properly, this latest situation can fuel another tension. It is so difficult to strike a balance in a seemingly complicated situation that is confronted with the challenge to deal with armed groups of various political or terroristic agenda. We cannot cook our cake and eat it too. Not this scenario. Peace must emanate from the willingness of all armed groups to put down their arms and for the government to listen and to iron out differences or we will end up with same cyclic peace problem for all to suffer. I drew the editorial cartoon last year. It tackled the issue on Mindanao peace roadmap.

By the way, I heard some of our authorities blaming Drilon’s group for failing to coordinate when they went to the area. You hear that? Coordination failure. I don’t know what our military wanted to say but it would imply that they want all people going to that troubled place to always coordinate with them for their safety. If they cannot assure people of safety, then cordon the entire region so that nobody will be able to go inside. Simple.