Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pacman, ABS-CBN's Local Tv Program

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao will soon fight against another World Boxing Council (WBC) lightweight Mexican David Diaz. Mike Garcia, Diaz’s trainer, was quoted by ABS-CBN News as saying his ward has what it takes to engage Pacquiao in an "all out battle." "Manny is quicker but I see David just gets stronger as the rounds go on. I’m confident," he claimed ABS-CBN reported. Based on the news story, Garcia stressed that Manny is quicker but Diaz is stronger fighter.

But I say that both ring fighters have equal opportunity to win the battle coined as Lethal Combination. I have faith that this is indeed a lethal combination as both trained for singular purpose – to win. Some would say that this battle in the ring between the Mexican boxer and Pinoy boxing champ would be bloody or messy. I hope they are wrong. I want a clean fight. And as a Filipino, I want the Bansang Kamao (People's Champ) to come out as winner in this bout to be held in Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino today June 29 (Sunday here). As destined winner, the Philippines will be again in the limelight. And as the entire world looks on, I would like to hear him deliver a message of, again, unity for our country. Goodluck, Pacman! The Reuters’ photo is a grab from Pacman’s site.

Side Trip

I am glad that the Sunday morning show (ABS-CBN Davao) Dinhing Dapita Sadya (DDS) [loosely means: It's lively here] had finally altered its name from to MagTV na, sadya ta! [Let's watch tv, we'd be lively]. While I find the tv program interesting and entertaining, I did not like the title which was wittingly or unwittingly alluding a shady group Davao Death Squad. The real DDS is supposed by many as the one conducting summary execution in the city with petty criminals and drugpushers as victims. While the victims got what they wanted, their relatives should be spared from this agonizing "reminder" everytime the tv program aired. Sadly, the tv program has yet to alter its segment bearing the same acronym - Davao Dyoks (Jokes) Squad.