Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ms. Drilon, et. al's Release from Captivity

I was happy to learn about the release of the ASG victims Ms. Drilon, Mr. Encarnacion and Prof. Dinampo at 11 pm Tuesday after 9 days in captivity. Reports said that they were released after the kidnappers were promised of “livelihood projects” instead of the hefty ransom (Php15 M) they were asking.

In a PDI's report, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita was quoted as having a word for the reported Duffel Bags - "token" or "small amount” which could have been given. But PNP Gen. Dir. Avelino Razon and Interior Sec. Ronaldo Puno stressed there was no ransom extended. Well, I don’t really care whether or not there was any ransom given or what. I don't care of the no-ransom-policy that is not even followed to the letter. All I care for is the freedom of the victims. But our government representatives should speak as one.

As to the renewed military operations to crush the ASG, I am more than skeptical to this latest military maneuvering knowing fully well that the government did it already many times in the past but never succeeded in uprooting the ASG from their secured lairs. This leads me to think that there should be options rather than launching purely military might.

Don't wonder if Sen. Loren Legarda was also there as part of the so-called backdoor channel negotiation. The sketchy negotiation. In addition to her product endorsement-driven tv exposure, she needs that opportunity for her 2010 bid. BTW, I lifted the featured photo from the PDI (