Saturday, June 28, 2008

Magnífica Abuela!

I have my break from daily cartooning and posting drawings. If you notice, I have not posted published recent cartoons. I wanted a segue from the usual to the unusual (LOL). Speaking of unusual – this grandma from Spain holds as the oldest blogger. Magnificent grandma!

“The little granny” to some readers,
María Amelia López is 95 years old and has drawn thousands of netizens reading her posts after she published her blog through the help of grandson “as a birthday present.” Her blog also attracted “media attention from as far as Chile, Venezuela, Russia and Japan,” according to the post.” I lifted the image from her blog.


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot hihi my hubby does not eat balut maybe because I did not ask him to.

I'm here to grab the pic that I like and posted it on my blog hihi I acknowledge you of course as the original postie.

Have a great weekend.