Thursday, June 26, 2008

Images of Animal Carnage

I stumbled on the images of animal carnage posted in a site of another blogger Don Cesar, a Spanish blogger and my new friend (agree, Don Cesar?). He said he has yet to confirm the location where it happened but I am so sure this happened on Earth and the excutioners of the hapless animals are human beings.

I believe in man's supremacy over animals for our existence but there are many ways of handling the process of terminating their lives without hurting the sensibilities of other people - the animal rights advocates. I am sure the massacre that turned into a pool of sangre the portion of the seashore of this unknown place, represents disrespect (maybe unwittingly) to the beliefs of animal rights advocates. The images in the blog showed the process was outrageous. In my own phrase, "pagka nalang... (what the...!)" See more images from my new friend's site.


DoN CeSaR said...

Thanks Zamora,In the email that i received it says they do that every year just for fun and to probe that a kid become a grown man ...

Herson Juego said...

Bro, are those animals some type of a whale? It's a blood gore, too much blood that the sea itself has already turned red. I've seen the photos in your friend's blog and I can't understand why those people had to kill tens, if not hundreds, of those marine animals. It's a pointless carnage.