Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fare Hike, Maritime Tragedy

After a series of oil price increases, the transportation sector ventilated a number of demands including fare increase on the part of the small jeepney operators and drivers. So from the previous minimum (first four kilometers, if I am not mistaken) fare of Php7, the current fare in PUJs (Public Utility Jeep) is Php7.50.

Of course, I understand the situation of the drivers who are helpless against the continued oil price increase per liter. The post mainly depicts one of the scenarios that resulted from the current fare hike - the consumers who bear the brunt of the fare adjusment. The domino effect of the latest fare increase would be felt through the upward movement of the prices of basic commodities. Again, some businesses would take advantage of this situation.

Side trip

We are saddened by the latest maritime tragedy which could have been avoided if the MV Princess of the Stars, owned by Sulpicio Lines, decided to hide from the anger of the tempest. Innocent lives were wasted away when it capsized last June 21 in the afternoon near the coasts of Sibuyan Island (Romblon Province).

I don't know if this latest incident is teaching all inter-island shipping lines, the concerned government agency and Sulpicio Lines a lesson. Until now, the rescue operations continue. Check with updates in the sidebar of this blog. Photos are lifted from yahoonews.