Saturday, June 14, 2008

Editorial Cartoonists' Plight

I was surfing the net when I stumbled on a comment posted in a blog by Luis V. Teodoro ( While I missed to know the blogger, I wanted to dovetail the comment of Kartunista ( that editorial cartoonists are abused too and expressed disappointment over the absence of comprehensive lecture about editorial cartooning in the journalism course. I understand him and I agree with what he said about low paying opportunity given to editorial cartoonist – all because some of publishers and editors lack appreciation on the role of editorial cartoonists. Editorial cartoons are not space fillers or art works that are there to break the monotony of the page. Editorial cartoonists are journalists too and purveyors opinion. In fact, they are placed under the Op-Ed section of the paper - an important page in the newspaper.

Editorial cartooning is not also an easy job. It demands a lot of preparation and analysis on events that are happening especially when they affect social and political aspects of the society. Aside from supporting our needs like ink, papers, technical pens, pencils, pentelbrushes, internet connection, etc, editorial cartoonists have families to support too and an income of Php2,000 to Php3,000 a month (that's less than 100 per editorial cartoon) therefore is not enough. This is below poverty line set by National Economic Development Authority or NEDA.

With regards to the lack or absence of discussions about editorial cartooning as a journalistic tool, this chiefly indicates that we need more cartoonist authors to write about the topic. In the journalism manual available today, editorial cartooning is only given few space.


rod'aflip said...

I agree we really needed political cartoonist..