Saturday, June 28, 2008

Manny Inspires Many

In 9th Round of their boxing bout (my previous post on this fight), Manny Pacquiao's left hook sent David Diaz to the canvas. Pacman is lucky, Diaz is unlucky. Pacman showed the hand speed which virtually turned Diaz' face into a punching bag. Pacman as the World Boxing Council lightweight champ is the first Asian boxing idol to win four boxing titles (or five according to some accounts). Manny, the People's Champ, is an inspiration to many (not only Filipinos). Congrats!

I was surfing my blog links and I tagged Shawie for her review on Pacquiao's recent victory against the Chicago-based David Diaz.

Photo is a grab from The Sweet Science: The Blog.

Pacman, ABS-CBN's Local Tv Program

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao will soon fight against another World Boxing Council (WBC) lightweight Mexican David Diaz. Mike Garcia, Diaz’s trainer, was quoted by ABS-CBN News as saying his ward has what it takes to engage Pacquiao in an "all out battle." "Manny is quicker but I see David just gets stronger as the rounds go on. I’m confident," he claimed ABS-CBN reported. Based on the news story, Garcia stressed that Manny is quicker but Diaz is stronger fighter.

But I say that both ring fighters have equal opportunity to win the battle coined as Lethal Combination. I have faith that this is indeed a lethal combination as both trained for singular purpose – to win. Some would say that this battle in the ring between the Mexican boxer and Pinoy boxing champ would be bloody or messy. I hope they are wrong. I want a clean fight. And as a Filipino, I want the Bansang Kamao (People's Champ) to come out as winner in this bout to be held in Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino today June 29 (Sunday here). As destined winner, the Philippines will be again in the limelight. And as the entire world looks on, I would like to hear him deliver a message of, again, unity for our country. Goodluck, Pacman! The Reuters’ photo is a grab from Pacman’s site.

Side Trip

I am glad that the Sunday morning show (ABS-CBN Davao) Dinhing Dapita Sadya (DDS) [loosely means: It's lively here] had finally altered its name from to MagTV na, sadya ta! [Let's watch tv, we'd be lively]. While I find the tv program interesting and entertaining, I did not like the title which was wittingly or unwittingly alluding a shady group Davao Death Squad. The real DDS is supposed by many as the one conducting summary execution in the city with petty criminals and drugpushers as victims. While the victims got what they wanted, their relatives should be spared from this agonizing "reminder" everytime the tv program aired. Sadly, the tv program has yet to alter its segment bearing the same acronym - Davao Dyoks (Jokes) Squad.

Magnífica Abuela!

I have my break from daily cartooning and posting drawings. If you notice, I have not posted published recent cartoons. I wanted a segue from the usual to the unusual (LOL). Speaking of unusual – this grandma from Spain holds as the oldest blogger. Magnificent grandma!

“The little granny” to some readers,
María Amelia López is 95 years old and has drawn thousands of netizens reading her posts after she published her blog through the help of grandson “as a birthday present.” Her blog also attracted “media attention from as far as Chile, Venezuela, Russia and Japan,” according to the post.” I lifted the image from her blog.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Images of Animal Carnage

I stumbled on the images of animal carnage posted in a site of another blogger Don Cesar, a Spanish blogger and my new friend (agree, Don Cesar?). He said he has yet to confirm the location where it happened but I am so sure this happened on Earth and the excutioners of the hapless animals are human beings.

I believe in man's supremacy over animals for our existence but there are many ways of handling the process of terminating their lives without hurting the sensibilities of other people - the animal rights advocates. I am sure the massacre that turned into a pool of sangre the portion of the seashore of this unknown place, represents disrespect (maybe unwittingly) to the beliefs of animal rights advocates. The images in the blog showed the process was outrageous. In my own phrase, "pagka nalang... (what the...!)" See more images from my new friend's site.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Watercolor Painting

No political comments for now. Let me share to you my elation when I finally found one of my watercolor paintings from a photo gallery pbase. This is the only softcopy I have after I gave the original watercolor to my colleague years ago. I did this watercolor in 1996 on an Oslo Paper depicting the lawn of the Kinaiyahan Foundation, Inc. (KFI) office (1992-1996) where I worked as a graphic artist, project analysts and later publication officer. I posted the painting at a photo gallery ( in 2004 and forgot it after my 30-day trial had expired.

One of my hobbies is painting but I have not painted for over so long a time already. I painted a number of themes before and joined group art exhibits here in Davao City in 1996. Maybe, one of these days, I will go back to painting again using various media.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fare Hike, Maritime Tragedy

After a series of oil price increases, the transportation sector ventilated a number of demands including fare increase on the part of the small jeepney operators and drivers. So from the previous minimum (first four kilometers, if I am not mistaken) fare of Php7, the current fare in PUJs (Public Utility Jeep) is Php7.50.

Of course, I understand the situation of the drivers who are helpless against the continued oil price increase per liter. The post mainly depicts one of the scenarios that resulted from the current fare hike - the consumers who bear the brunt of the fare adjusment. The domino effect of the latest fare increase would be felt through the upward movement of the prices of basic commodities. Again, some businesses would take advantage of this situation.

Side trip

We are saddened by the latest maritime tragedy which could have been avoided if the MV Princess of the Stars, owned by Sulpicio Lines, decided to hide from the anger of the tempest. Innocent lives were wasted away when it capsized last June 21 in the afternoon near the coasts of Sibuyan Island (Romblon Province).

I don't know if this latest incident is teaching all inter-island shipping lines, the concerned government agency and Sulpicio Lines a lesson. Until now, the rescue operations continue. Check with updates in the sidebar of this blog. Photos are lifted from yahoonews.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Filipino ingenuity defies limits. This photo was taken in Agusan del Sur. I stumbled on it while checking our office photo files. I want to share it with you :-). It is common to see single motorcycles rigged with platforms on which passengers precariously ride in remote areas in Mindanao.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ms. Drilon, et. al's Release from Captivity

I was happy to learn about the release of the ASG victims Ms. Drilon, Mr. Encarnacion and Prof. Dinampo at 11 pm Tuesday after 9 days in captivity. Reports said that they were released after the kidnappers were promised of “livelihood projects” instead of the hefty ransom (Php15 M) they were asking.

In a PDI's report, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita was quoted as having a word for the reported Duffel Bags - "token" or "small amount” which could have been given. But PNP Gen. Dir. Avelino Razon and Interior Sec. Ronaldo Puno stressed there was no ransom extended. Well, I don’t really care whether or not there was any ransom given or what. I don't care of the no-ransom-policy that is not even followed to the letter. All I care for is the freedom of the victims. But our government representatives should speak as one.

As to the renewed military operations to crush the ASG, I am more than skeptical to this latest military maneuvering knowing fully well that the government did it already many times in the past but never succeeded in uprooting the ASG from their secured lairs. This leads me to think that there should be options rather than launching purely military might.

Don't wonder if Sen. Loren Legarda was also there as part of the so-called backdoor channel negotiation. The sketchy negotiation. In addition to her product endorsement-driven tv exposure, she needs that opportunity for her 2010 bid. BTW, I lifted the featured photo from the PDI (

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Deforestation Issue

I found this 2004 editorial cartoon from my cd files. It reminded me of the current environmental destruction that is blamed, more often, for flash floods affecting the lowlands.

Davao Oriental is one of the provinces with problem on rampant illegal logging activities happening right under the noses of the government agencies as alluded to in various newsreports. In this cartoon, I used the hear-no-evil-speak-no-evil-see-no-evil monkeys to represent the DENR, LGU and PNP.

I remember that the issue did not die even until 2006. When worked as one of the Businessworld news correspondents, I wrote a news about it with the PNP and DENR XI as my sources.

Experts say we need at least 54% forest cover. But from the looks of our mountains today, I don't think we have this level. That is very sad.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Editorial Cartoonists' Plight

I was surfing the net when I stumbled on a comment posted in a blog by Luis V. Teodoro ( While I missed to know the blogger, I wanted to dovetail the comment of Kartunista ( that editorial cartoonists are abused too and expressed disappointment over the absence of comprehensive lecture about editorial cartooning in the journalism course. I understand him and I agree with what he said about low paying opportunity given to editorial cartoonist – all because some of publishers and editors lack appreciation on the role of editorial cartoonists. Editorial cartoons are not space fillers or art works that are there to break the monotony of the page. Editorial cartoonists are journalists too and purveyors opinion. In fact, they are placed under the Op-Ed section of the paper - an important page in the newspaper.

Editorial cartooning is not also an easy job. It demands a lot of preparation and analysis on events that are happening especially when they affect social and political aspects of the society. Aside from supporting our needs like ink, papers, technical pens, pencils, pentelbrushes, internet connection, etc, editorial cartoonists have families to support too and an income of Php2,000 to Php3,000 a month (that's less than 100 per editorial cartoon) therefore is not enough. This is below poverty line set by National Economic Development Authority or NEDA.

With regards to the lack or absence of discussions about editorial cartooning as a journalistic tool, this chiefly indicates that we need more cartoonist authors to write about the topic. In the journalism manual available today, editorial cartooning is only given few space.

Rice, Fuel Crisis

No cartoons for the moment. Instead, I posted this photo I took in 2004. When I worked in a Sustainable Agriculture-based NGO then, I had the chance to conduct field visits in Davao del Sur. I forgot the community. Davao del Sur is also a rice granary.

Friday, June 13, 2008


This is another recycled editorial cartoon I drew in 2007. It tackled the reaction of the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) on the ten-peso Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) last year.


MERALCO’s tv ad featuring Actress Judy Ann Santos did not fail to create a stir. The first time I saw it on tv, I immediately sensed that it would instead earn the ire of the consumers and she or her popularity as a casualty. I was right. One of the organizations that sharply reacted to it and her role is the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC). VACC calls for a boycott on the actress.

I agree with Ms. Santos that it is never a crime to do an infomercial like she. But she should be reminded beforehand that as a very sensitive and controversial, the issue might put her popularity in jeopardy. VACC’s boycott call might be too harsh for a response but if this is the only way to remind her that she has social responsibility too, then so be it. In social issues that are lodged to be resolved, it is always better to hear two sides. Ms. Santos decided to take one side this time by allowing herself to be used by MERALCO.

The tv ad of Ms. Santos or MERALCO, for the matter, compares system loss to a melting ice. And I find it absurd and outrageous. Why? There is no parallelism in there. In the first place, ice is cheaper than the electric bill that is robbing the poor consumers. However you explain it, system loss is unjust. Consumers are made to pay without enjoying it. If not directly stolen from the grid, system loss is result of inefficiency in the distribution channel or line. It is the lookout of MERALCO is to ensure that the service is delivered whole to the consumers while the responsibility of the government is to protect the consumers from unfair and exorbitant charges.

By the way, whoever decided to use that tv ad analogy should be fired including Ms. Santos' handler.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Peace Roadmap

The latest incident of abduction of ABS-CBN’s Ces Drilon and her two companions further indicates that the tension in this part of the region is not yet over. If not handled properly, this latest situation can fuel another tension. It is so difficult to strike a balance in a seemingly complicated situation that is confronted with the challenge to deal with armed groups of various political or terroristic agenda. We cannot cook our cake and eat it too. Not this scenario. Peace must emanate from the willingness of all armed groups to put down their arms and for the government to listen and to iron out differences or we will end up with same cyclic peace problem for all to suffer. I drew the editorial cartoon last year. It tackled the issue on Mindanao peace roadmap.

By the way, I heard some of our authorities blaming Drilon’s group for failing to coordinate when they went to the area. You hear that? Coordination failure. I don’t know what our military wanted to say but it would imply that they want all people going to that troubled place to always coordinate with them for their safety. If they cannot assure people of safety, then cordon the entire region so that nobody will be able to go inside. Simple.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On ABS-CBN's Ces Drilon, Crew

This is indeed bad news. If reports were true, then the Abu Sayyaf Group had showed their deadly sting once again when they succeeded in abducting ABS-CBN’s Ces Drilon and her two crews in Kulasi, Maimbung (Sulu) last Sunday morning (June 8).

Chief Superintendent Joel Goltiao, police regional director for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) told the media. Arriving in Jolo Saturday, Ms. Drilon was accordingly invited by Octavio Dinampo to cover a special event. A Mindanao State University professor, Dinampo is as a well-respected Muslim leader from Sulu and current chairman of the Mindanao Peoples Caucus (MPC) a peace advocate group in Mindanao had also been taken by the armed group.

Police sources claimed that upon Dinampo’s text, the tv journalist group left Sulu State University Hotel where they billeted but was abducted along the way by ASG allegedly commanded by Albader Parad. In a report published by Sun-Star Online, Goltiao named certain Gafur Jumdail as among those who were involved in the kidnapping of the tv journalist group. Jumdail is a former member of the Misuari breakaway group that joined the Abu Sayyaf. Reports claimed that it appeared that Dinampo was also among those kidnapped. Until this time, authorities are trying to locate the tv journalist group.

We are yet to hear the side of ASG but if they were the ones responsible in the abduction, I know they have a message to convey. The group of Drilon as journalist can be a purveyor of whatever message they want to ventilate but never at the expense of the lives of Ms. Drilon and her crews whose journalistic duty brought them to one of the most troubled places in this part of the country. Let's pray for the safety of Ms. Drilon and her 2 crews that they would return home unharmed.