Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This is one of the detailed editorial cartoons I drew in 2005. With oil price increase going wild now, courtesy of our beloved oil companies and of course the helpless government, this drawing holds semblance to our current woe. I don't blame the OPEC if they want to make profits from Earth's non-renewable resource - fossil fuel. They make profits (see the dollar element) out of it while we bear the brunt of their exploration and continued exploitation.


Dienn said...

wow! u'r an excellent editorial cartoonist!

I once dreamt of being an editorial cartoonist. but the wind brought me to different path which is writing (now, I shifted into being a fulltime housewife, hehe).

Your works really amazed me... you are a gifted one. very talented, indeed.

Fernando C. Zamora said...

fczamora @ dienn's comment: thanks. that's a spirit-boosting comment from you. yeah, more often we take paths different from what we wanted before. i wanted to become a lawayer but ended up as a project analyst, cartoonist, graphic artist and small or struggling entrepreneur - rolled into one :-). perhaps, the best lesson we can have is to do the best with whatever we have...