Saturday, May 10, 2008

Food Crisis on Global Scale

All the governments in the global community are obliged to act as one in response to the global food crisis. In one of its press statements, the United Nations said that "the recent dramatic escalation in food prices worldwide has evolved into a unprecedented challenge of global proportions that has become a crisis for the world’s most vulnerable, including the urban poor."

UN further said that: This crisis has multiple causes, including rapidly increasing energy prices, lack of investments in the agricultural sector, rapidly rising demand for food, trade distorting subsidies, recurrent bad weather and environmental degradation, subsidized production of bio-fuels that substitute food production, and the imposition of export restrictions leading to hoarding and panic buying.

I think all governments in the world still have time to react to this reality. Make up for the wasted time to supposedly address one of the most urgent concerns we were/are facing. Locally, response should be done immediately to cushion possible impact on the most vulnerable section of the society.



It has become a global crisis. It has become a global concern. Each nation has to assume certain roles to address the problem. But I doubt Gloria is doing the right thing, or has done the right thing during the initial years of her illegitimate term.