Friday, April 25, 2008

ZTE's Greedy Bunch

The cartoon is one of my drawings on the ZTE scandal.

Side Trip

This morning, Prof. Danton Remoto guested as the ABS-CBN’s Umagang Kayganda on the controversial canister scandal – a video on a gay patient who was operated on to haul out a body spray canister that his man rammed into his behind. We don’t judge him for we or I respect is choice. I don’t judge anyone for his choice so long us it does not trample upon other’s rights.

The physicians and aides took a video on the ongoing surgical operation and showed his ordeal over Youtube – all done without his consent. Whether the physicians violated medical practitioner’s ethics, I might be less interested. Leave that to the medical industry. For violating his rights, those responsible should pay dearly.

Anyways, in the interview, Remoto of Ladlad (the group claimed about 4 million members nationwide) said: In the eyes of God, we are all equal. It’s in the Bible but it cannot be taken out of context. I will keep that to myself. But in the Bible also (I repeat in the Bible) it is a sin to have sex with the same sex – the way that is a grave sin to have sex with opposite sex without the grace of marriage. A friendly reminder to Remoto, he should refrain from quoting the Bible next time around.



There's something worth thinking about the recent medical issue. Apart from that the doctors have obviously violated medical ethics, do they represent the lack of ethics in the larger medical body? Have the good doctors left the country for good, for greener pastures?

Danton Remoto said...

Dear Sir,

No, I was not quoting out of context. When I asked a Jesuit priest-friend for advice on what to say about the issue, he asked me if I remembered our Theology lessons in school? I said yes, and the one thing I remember is that "we are all equal in the eyes of God."

He said that the passage is a reminder to one and all about the majesty of God's love. And so I quoted it in the program.

I will never quibble with a Theology teacher who gave me a hell of a time in school ;-)



Fernando C. Zamora said...

@ Danton Remoto's comment: Thanks for visiting my blog and putting up your reaction to one of my posts. I know you have said your part well and all i can say is good luck to all your efforts for the rights of the gay sector in our society. :-)