Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sex Education

I thought of gathering back my old cartoons especially on vital issues and post them here like this one - one of my “commentaries” on the proposed sex education for highschool students in the country. I likened it to a can of worms that might encourage promiscuity on our vulnerable kids instead of the plan’s noble intention as pushed by the Department of Education. If unwanted pregnancies and premarital sex incidence among students are to be minimized if not totally prevented, I believe sex education is not the answer. Education should instead be geared towards the parents that they give more time to their kids and closely monitor them through open communication.

Scam Again?

The Quedan and Rural Credit Corporation or Quedancor is a government-owned and controlled corporation or GOCC that used to be under the Department of Agriculture (DA). It provides credit for farmers and hog-raisers. But now it is in the thick of the Swine Scam issue after COA found out that there was a total of P1.4 billion unliquidated fund. This unliquidated amount was part of the P2.5-billion fund intended for the swine industry in the country.

As issue hogged the headlines, Quedancor president Nelson Buenaflor could not be reached to comment on it. He was accordingly on-leave and therefore could not shed light on the alleged scam that happened after Quedancor was put under the Office of the President.

I don’t know of the details of the implementation of this swine industry fund but COA hinted there were anomalies when, for instance, there were companies that had no enough capital took part in the Quedancor deal. As quoted by media, Undersecretary Bernie Fontavilla offered an estimate of 50 or 100 million involved in the alleged scam. Now, fresh from the ZTE-NBN scam, Malacañang has another issue to kill. I will post my cartoon on this issue in the next days to come.