Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rice Shortage Issue, Death Penalty Cartoon, etc.

The editorial cartoon appeared under the Op-Ed section of Sun-Star Davao before GMA stopped the death penalty in 1996. The decision spared the lives of the 1,200 death convicts whose cases were commuted to life. I dumbed it here to get a peek on some of my favorite drawings.

Not Rice but Common Sense Shortage

The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s headline screams -“Hoarders face life in jail.” This is an old story. I am skeptical whether this will bear fruit or that the government is serious to run after rice hoarders in the country. I know this is all for media purposes only to make some cover-ups for the sheer failure of the government to ensure we have food supply. I believe that with enabling policies and all-out and sincere support, we are capable of producing food for our people at sufficient level. We will just do what is right and adopts measures to prevent hunger from taking toll on our burgeoning population (over 90 million now). In the news also is the proposed lowering of tariff on rice purportedly to favor or encourage rice importation. What do you think? This will kill our small rice farmers. I’m convinced we are having common sense shortage. Not rice. BTW, GMA already denied that we are facing rice shortage but I think rice importation is inevitable as far as the government is concerned.

Side Trip

Kenneth Rodriguez, my buddy who is now seriously into business in Bukidnon, shared to me about his wife Dewaii Mabunga – Rodriguez’ achievement as one of the two international winners in the movement’s essay contest on global youth campaign besting all other contestants from other regions in the world. Read her winning essay in With that, Dewaii is going to Kyiv (Ukraine) as one of the representatives/presenters in the 5th Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy (April 6-9, 2008).

I don’t know much about WMD and what they are doing in details but with vision to make the world freer from all types of inhumanities, I would sympathize with that vision and I throw my moral support to them. Why not? This is a noble idea. That is all I can do. With her are Ging Deles and Chito Gascon representing the Philippines in that assembly.