Wednesday, April 9, 2008

NFA's Absurd Warning

When interviewed by the media, the National Food Authority (NFA) warned the public swarming the cheap rice distribution outlets not to hoard. Come again? Not to hoard. Well, maybe a good piece of advice but do you think our poorest of the poor who are now going agog over NFA rice sold at lower price (Php18 as compared to Php30 to Php32 for quality commercial rice) have the financial capability to hoard? This is rhetorical question, my friend.



I've read about the news limiting the purchase of NFA rice by the people. In some areas, a 2-kilo limit is imposed. In some other parts, the limit varies from 3 to 5 kilos.

I agree. Those who depend on the NFA rice to augment, or at least to meet, their daily rice needs are the ones who are barely capable of buying commercial rice, i.e. the poor folks.

Yet in the limiting of rice distribution lies the irony. The NFA is eager to impose an equal distribution while there are those who are barely able of buying beyond 2 kilos of rice. Perhaps the limit is indeed only applicable in practice to those who have the capability to purchase commercial rice and, at the same time, the desire to save money by lining-up with the poorer mass before NFA caravans and NFA accredited stores.

simpleyesa said...

Seriously, i really don't get the point why so many people gone mad upon buying as many kilos of rice as they could. Show me the light please. O_O