Monday, April 7, 2008

Looming Food Crisis

Earlier, the government denied that there was rice shortage in the country but the prices of rice in the market tended to indicate we are facing rice supply problem. Hoarders were blamed and were warned that they would be put in jail for doing this form of economic sabotage. From denying the real score in our rice supply, the story hogging headlines is that there is a looming food crisis. GMA in fact convened the food summit recently with top officials to dela with this issue. Some elected government officials in Southern Mindanao blamed land-use conversion as one of the culprits for this problem. This negatively affected our food security.

For awhile, let me segue to the technical discussion of the featured editorial cartoon whose greyscale version occupied half of the editorial page of Sun-Star Davao today – the usual size cartoon size during Sundays. Coming out daily, SSD is a 11inche x 17 inch-tabloid. In the original, the antagonist (Looming Food Crisis) had only one pistol in his holster but to exaggerate his posture to look more dangerous for this blog, I decided to manipulate it digitally by copying the pistol from his right side. I used Adobe Photoshop in editing this cartoon. That is how some of my cartoons ended up after some careful review. There are cartoons that can be enhanced by adding elements. In other cases, I would redraw them and publish again with a new twist or angle in the issue previously tackled.

Side Trip

I forgot to mention that one encouragement that came my way this year was when Atty. Rani Leonar, a practicing lawyer who co-hosts a radio commentary program under ABS-CBN’s DXAB AM Radio in Davao City, invited me to a get-to-know lunch in one of the posh diner’s destinations in Davao City last February. He told me that he is following my editorial cartoons. I tell you this is a priceless encouragement from a reader like him and I am humbled by that gesture. I know that this inspire me all the more to dish out hard-hitting drawings on various issues.


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